About Us

Our mission at Platinum Property Inspections is to perform home inspections fairly, honestly and objectively.

We have State of Florida licensed Certified General Contractors on staff, licensed since 2008, with vast experience & knowledge in building, roofing, plumbing, structural and foundations.  Our Inspectors are Inter-NACHI certified, the leading national provider of education and certification for the inspection industry. Continuing education is required yearly. We are licensed, bonded, and insured.

  • We follow the guidelines set forth by the Florida Department of Professional Regulation.

  • We maintain ethical and technical standards.

  • We enhance consumer protection and promote public awareness.

  • We follow the InterNACHI standards of professional conduct.

All clients receive a detailed report, generated with our reporting software that Platinum Property Inspectors use on their smart tablets right on the job to provide an accurate report.  Our reports clearly and concisely point out any trouble spots found during our review as well as recommended actions to take to help prevent or resolve any concerns.

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